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  • Payment Gateway
  • Ultra Low Latency Feed
  • Historical Quotes Data
  • Performance Marketing Software
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We offer a lot of solutions, for example:
  • Payment Gateway
  • Ultra Low Latency Feed
  • Liquidity
  • Historical Quotes data
  • Affiliate program
  • Payment Gateway
  • Ultra Low Latency Feed
  • Liquidity
  • Historical Quotes data
  • Affiliate program

User-friendly payment process

The payment process is simple as never before. Your clients can deposit money to your system by the one click of a mouse or by scanning a QR code with their smartphone.

Easy exchange

We support the exchange over twenty currencies. We also enable automatic conversion, which means you needn’t worry about exchange rate risk or know much about the transaction mechanics. You can forget about fluctuating exchange rates. The conversion is conducted using the latest exchange rates from interbank market.

User-friendly management panel

You can control the payment process every step of the way thanks to an integrated management panel. It allows you to exchange currencies, order external bank transfers and monitor transactions conducted by your customers.

Available API

Our API allows for an easy integration with any external system. We offer you fully functional sandbox as well as comprehensive documentation to enable smooth and efficient implementation.

A dedicated Plug&Play solution for MetaTrader4/5

Our long experience with MT4 and MT5 platforms has allowed us to create a solution which will help you gain competitive advantage over other FOREX brokers. It is fully integrated and compatible with the trading system as well as MT4. We also offer full support with the platform configuration.

Security of conducted transactions

At each stage we ensure security of transactions by encrypting connections, monitoring activity and two-factor authentication of key operations in the system.

Exceptional conditions of cooperation

Bitcoin was created to ensure anonymity of transactions and decrease their cost. We offer both of these to our clients. Our transaction fee is 0.099%, which is the lowest on the market. We guarantee that if you find a lower fee rate, we’ll match it to allow for the optimal payment processing.

Fast and stable solutions

We provide quickly processed transactions, which is why our system processes them in real time. Thorough analysis of available technologies has allowed us to achieve outstanding efficiency, with the uptime of 99.99%.

Professional support available 24/7

Our solutions are accompanied by extensive training how to use them as well the necessary knowledge on payment gateways and how to ensure the highest security standards. Our support team is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A diverse offer of FinTech services

We offer over thirty most popular currencies. We closely monitor the development of this market, regularly extending our offer. Each new payment method is closely analysed in terms of its stability and the quality of the quotations.

Everything denominated in your local currency

We have created a unique mechanism of aggregating prices from major exchanges and global interbank market. This resulted in quotations in your local currency using the best rates from most liquid markets.

The aggregation of the major exchanges

The FinTech market is clearly divided into two regions, which are different in terms of their dynamics, maturity and legal actions/regulations. One of them consists of US and EU exchanges, whereas the other is constituted by entities in Asia, notably Chinese that denominate assets in yuan. Our technology supports quotations for both regions separately.

Quick integration through FIX, Unifeed Websocket

We support the most popular communication protocols, both interbank standard from the FIX financial market as well as Unifeed dedicated for retail brokers using MT4 and MT5. We also remembered about WebSocket, which enables simple implementation of quotations into a website.

Stable solutions

We have implemented special mechanisms and price aggregation algorithms, which have enabled unequalled quality of the service. Our systems constantly monitor the status of exchanges to ensure the continuity of quotations and the quality of the price/pricing stream. We are proud of the 99.99% uptime while offering services 24/7.

Aggregating liquidity

Our technology allows you to make transactions using aggregated liquidity, which helps achieve a better price of execution.

Smart routing to the best exchanges

Order execution is always conducted using the best prices available thanks to smart routing, which divides and distributes them among exchanges that offer the best prices for the specific volume of the transaction.

Simple integration with MT4 and MT5

We have created a bridge for sending orders from your MT4/MT5 server to our engine which processes them. The integration is easy to implement and does not affect used plugins.

Data for any interval, starting from M1

We share a solutions which enables you to tap into our Open, High, Low, Close data, which allow for creating charts of any interval, starting from M1.

Ticks by ticks data for HFT

Our database records each tick for a wide range of instruments. You can use them to create HFT transaction systems, backtests as well as to verify the speed of your own price/pricing source/ the speed of the price/pricing source you are currently using.

Connect your server and collect your own ticks

If you need to store and review your own data stream, our technology allows you to build a repository from your MT4/MT5 server.

One revenue engine for all your affiliate programs

Now you can access all your affiliate programs for different brands in one place. Our panel allows you to manage payouts and analyze revenue in a simple and effective way.

Statistics and advanced analytics tools

We offer comprehensive statistics regarding full customer lifecycle as well as extensive analytics. These data can help you adjust your campaigns and improve their effectiveness.

A set of tools for your online affiliate campaigns

We offer you a broad set of marketing tools for your online campaigns. These include banners, landing pages, performance tracking features and many more.

Technologies we use

We build applications in modern technologies, our toolbox contains:

Security first

Over five years of experience in FinTech services and over ten in financial markets have enabled us to create a technology that has the stability and security that make us proud. We are happy that after five years since the first executed order we have crossed one million operations/transactions, having avoided any security incidents.

Passionate team of professionals

Our team with diverse background are passionate about technology as well as financial markets. This diverse expertise gives us competitive advantage over other solutions available on the market.

Global clients from multiple industries

Our solutions have been serving clients from the areas of Forex, Gambling, Betting and E-Sports. We have successfully implemented over ten comprehensive solutions.



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